about bravehearts

Bravehearts is an Australian child protection organisation solely dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. 

Our services include:

Personal Safety Education Programs
Bravehearts works to prevent child sexual abuse by educating children and young people about personal safety, including body ownership, cyber-safety and consent. Our flagship program is Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure (for children aged 3 to 8). 

Counselling & Support Services
Bravehearts provides affordable counselling and support for children (and their non-offending family members) who have been affected by sexual abuse. We also offer a national Information and Support Line (1800 272 831), child and family advocacy, case management for adult survivors seeking Redress, and therapeutic intervention for children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours.


Child Protection Training & Risk Management
Bravehearts empowers organisations to know how to better prevent and respond to child safety issues through our world-class child protection courses and risk management services.

Research & Reform
Bravehearts works to ensure our education programs, counselling services and training is backed by current, evidence-based research, and fights for the rights of children and adult survivors by advocating for legislative reform.

Our Vision

A world where people, communities and systems all work together to protect children from sexual abuse. 

Our Mission

To provide a coordinated and holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

What Happened to White Balloon Day?

Bravehearts Day now replaces White Balloon Day as Bravehearts' primary annual fundraising and awareness day.

White Balloon Day and its legacy is an extremely important part of Bravehearts history.The inaugural White Balloon Day was held 25 years ago however, since then attitudes towards the use of balloons have evolved.

It is now widely accepted that balloons cause harm to the natural environment and subsequently, Bravehearts cannot in good faith continue to promote their use as part of our cause. 

Preventing child sexual abuse and supporting those who are impacted by this crime will always be Bravehearts' priority.

We acknowledge that White Balloon Day holds significant meaning for survivors of child sexual abuse and Bravehearts in no way wishes to detract from this. Though the day has adopted a new name, the essence of the campaign remains.

As Bravehearts itself stands for all survivors and educates, empowers and protects children from child sexual abuse, changing the name to Bravehearts Day was the logical decision.

Bravehearts Day is and always will be about breaking the silence around child sexual abuse, supporting survivors and most importantly, preventing this insidious crime.

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