about bravehearts

Bravehearts is an Australian child protection organisation founded in 1997, which is solely dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. 

Our Vision is a world where people, communities, and systems all work together to protect children from sexual abuse.

Learn more below about how Bravehearts is working toward our Vision.

our work

Personal Safety Education
Bravehearts works to prevent child sexual abuse by educating children and young people about personal safety, including body ownership, cyber-safety and consent. Our flagship program is Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure (for children aged 3 to 8). 

Counselling & Support
Bravehearts provides counselling and support for children and families affected by sexual abuse. We also offer a national Information and Support Line (1800 272 831), case management for adult survivors seeking Redress, and intervention for children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours.


Child Protection Training
Bravehearts empowers those working with and around children, such as teachers, educators, support staff, coaches and more, to better understand, prevent and respond to child safety risks and issues through our comprehensive online child protection training courses.

Research & Reform
Bravehearts works to ensure our education programs, counselling services and training is backed by current, evidence-based research, and fights for the rights of children and adult survivors by advocating for legislative reform.

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