About bravehearts day

Bravehearts Day is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the prevention of child sexual abuse. The day was previously named Bravehearts White Balloon Day.

This annual awareness and giving day is held during National Child Protection Week each year. The day started as White Balloon Day back in 1997. However, as times and environmental concerns have evolved, the need to change the name of the day was apparent in order to best represent the survivors of child sexual abuse now.

The essence of the day remains the same as Bravehearts White Balloon Day. Bravehearts Day continues the legacy of White Balloon Day, which is credited for breaking the silence around child sexual abuse and creating a cultural shift in how Australians understand and respond to child sexual abuse and survivors of this crime. 

Bravehearts Day 2022 is on Friday 9 September. Please Show Your Heart and raise funds or donate to prevent child sexual abuse.

Why the name change?

The inaugural White Balloon Day was held 25 years ago however, since then attitudes towards the use of balloons have evolved. It is now widely accepted that balloons cause harm to the natural environment and subsequently, Bravehearts cannot in good faith continue to promote their use as part of our cause.

We acknowledge that White Balloon Day holds significant meaning for survivors of child sexual abuse and Bravehearts in no way wishes to detract from this. Though the day has adopted a new name, the essence of the campaign remains.

As Bravehearts itself stands for all survivors and educates, empowers and protects children from child sexual abuse, changing the name to Bravehearts Day was the logical decision.

The Legacy of White Balloon Day

The White Balloon was adopted by Bravehearts in 1997 following a public demonstration in Belgium in 1996. Approximately 300,000 people gathered with white balloons in solidarity for the child victims of a previously convicted and released paedophile. Bravehearts continued the tradition the following year in Australia, and has done so every year since.

White Balloon Day not only raised awareness of child sexual abuse and how parents and the wider community could take an active role in protecting children, the day also encouraged survivors of child sexual abuse to speak out and break their silence. 

In 1999, Senior Police labelled White Balloon a ‘phenomenon’ when it was revealed that the campaign resulted in a staggering 514% increase in disclosures of child sexual abuse to the Queensland Police Service that year.

Though White Balloon Day now goes by a new name, the essence of the campaign remains the same - Bravehearts Day is and always will be about breaking the silence around child sexual abuse, supporting survivors of this crime and most importantly, preventing this crime.


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