Fundraising tools

We've got everything you need right here to kick off your fundraising journey for Bravehearts Day, Wednesday 30 August, 2023.

Fundraising Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to help make your fundraising a success. Includes messaging guide.

Fundraising A3 Poster

For INDIVIDUALS who are fundraising for Bravehearts Day 2023.

Fundraising A3 Poster

For GROUPS or BUSINESSES who are raising funds for Bravehearts Day 2023.

Event Invitations

Blank Bravehearts Day fundraising event invitations for you to print off and hand out (3 to an A4 page).

How Your Funds Help Poster

A handy visual aid that explains how the donated funds help Bravehearts prevent & treat child sexual abuse.

About Bravehearts One-pager

A4 info sheet that gives a brief overview of Bravehearts, what we do and the services we offer to print out for your fundraising event.

Child Sexual Abuse Stats One-pager

A4 page of statistics (with references) about child sexual abuse in Australia, presented as infographics.

DIY Bravehearts Day bunting

Bunting template for you to print and cut out to use at your fundraising event.

Donation cut-outs

'Brave Heart' cut outs to make a display of donations.

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