Friday 6 september 2024

#BeBrave and help fight child sexual abuse by taking the #BraveChallenge!

Take the #BraveChallenge to help fight child sexual abuse

1 in 4 Australian children have experienced sexual abuse1. Be BRAVE and help fight this crime by taking the #BraveChallenge for Bravehearts Day, Friday 6 September.


1. Choose Your #BraveChallenge

Choose the #BraveChallenge that suits you! There are challenges for individuals, early learning centres, schools and more!

2. Register to Be Involved

Get your FREE Bravehearts Day Supporter Pack, when you register, which includes a poster, temporary tattoo, and more!

3. Raise Funds & Collect Rewards!

Fundraise and earn awesome rewards for the dollars you raise to support the vital cause of preventing child sexual abuse.

4. Complete Your #BraveChallenge

Complete your chosen #BraveChallenge on (or near) Bravehearts Day, Friday 6 September.

why take the #Bravechallenge?

Find out why being BRAVE matters in the fight against child sexual abuse and why your SUPPORT counts!

Taking the #BraveChallenge will help prevent child sexual abuse in Australia - a crime that affects 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys*. Children of all ages and from all backgrounds and cultures are at risk. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION and take the #BraveChallenge today!

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*REFERENCE: Haslam D, Mathews B, Pacella R, Scott JG, Finkelhor D, Higgins DJ, Meinck F, Erskine HE, Thomas HJ, Lawrence D, Malacova E. (2023). The prevalence and impact of child maltreatment in Australia: Findings from the Australian Child Maltreatment Study: Brief Report. Australian Child Maltreatment Study, Queensland University of Technology.

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